UK Government urges public to support small businesses this Christmas

Written by Tillie Demetriou

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Spurred on by concerns over more Covid lockdowns, consumers have been hitting Britain's high streets in a bid to complete their Christmas shopping while they still have the chance.

This comes as politicians and business leaders call on shoppers to support small businesses this Christmas to help them tackle the fresh uncertainty they face heading into their crucial festive trading period.

The Government and opposition parties have backed Small Business Saturday, which aims to encourage people to spend money in smaller shops, recognizing the contribution of independent businesses to communities during the lockdown.

Labour Party leader, Sir Keir Starmer, said: "Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the British economy.

“Despite Government tax rises and growing costs to firms, small businesses owners up and down the country have adapted and continued to do the UK proud.

“I am delighted to be supporting small businesses across the UK this Small Business Saturday and urge everyone to do the same.”

Small Business Saturday is a UK-wide grassroots campaign that takes place each year on the first Saturday in December. It aims to highlight the contribution small business owners make to their communities and encourages people to support them during the festive period.

Michelle Ovens, director of Small Business Saturday, said: “We all need to show small businesses our love this weekend. Not only do they make a massive contribution to our economy, but an immeasurable difference to all our lives.

“Despite demonstrating incredible entrepreneurialism and agility, alongside the support they've shown staff, customers, and communities, many are still facing a really tough time.

“Small Business Saturday is a fantastic chance to get behind these firms and say a big 'thank you' for how amazing they are.”

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