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Kitchen Display System

Synchronise your front and back of house with a kitchen screen system fit for purpose. 

  • Touchscreen with POS compatibility 
  • Audio order alerts for new and updated orders
  • Multiple station view and order grouping 

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Epos Now Kitchen Display Screen

Whether you run a kitchen in a restaurant, bar, or café, Epos Now’s Kitchen Display System is packed with innovative tools and features that are designed to:

  • Increase your profits through improved kitchen management 
  • Reduce waste with combined order view in Expeditor mode
  • Remove friction from the ordering and output process

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KDS Eat In

Find the best solution for your business

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Run your kitchen with efficiency using the Kitchen Display System.

Kitchen Display System Software

Optimise your kitchen with Kitchen Display Screen software.


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Have complete assurance in your KDS

Accidents happen, it's a fact of life. If the unthinkable happens, the Epos Now Care Plan keeps your business up and running as usual. 

  •  Up to 2 accidental breakages within 36 months. 
  • Capped shipping costs for a replacement device.

Because Epos Now is a cloud-based POS System system updates are automatic, your system will always be up to date. Additionally, because your data is securely stored in the cloud, it is accessible even if your hardware is damaged or stolen.

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KDS Selected

A new generation of Kitchen Display Systems

Streamline how you serve and say goodbye to delays caused by misinterpreted handwriting, empty printer rolls, lost tickets, and forgotten order updates. 

With a kitchen touch screen monitor, your kitchen team can view, recall and rearrange all tickets to improve organisation and get a full view of what’s on order. Review allergies, courses by group, and amend orders in real-time. 

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Takeaway food prep v2

Choose the setup that works for your kitchen

View a summary of all dishes on order in Expeditor view to reduce waste and improve speed. Alternatively, choose a traditional view to see orders by table or separated into courses. 

You can adjust your Kitchen Display System to meet your exact needs.

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KDS Complete

Digital ordering integration

View and manage orders from online ordering and third-party channels on your KDS.

  • See multiple delivery integrations on one screen
  • Manage your kitchen workflows with audio alerts
  • Display customer requests, customisations, and allergy 

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Deliveroo kitchen

Stay on top of orders with audio notifications

Never miss an update with audio notifications. Our kitchen order display system alerts your kitchen staff to new orders as well as updates on existing orders through built-in speakers. For noisier kitchens, simply connect your KDS to speakers with the headphone jack. 

The KDS makes different sounds for new and updated orders, preventing order amendments from going unnoticed. 

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KDS New Order

Built for speed, accuracy, and efficiency

As well as a customisable light, dark or classic view, your KDS will easily alert staff to long-waiting orders with colour-coded timers. 

Tickets will change colour multiple times if they haven’t been completed after your chosen target time. With simple navigation and bright visual and audio notifications, your kitchen team can slice ticket times in half. 

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KDS Summary View v2

Make missing orders a thing of the past

The order counter alerts staff to how many orders are pending in total. Guarantee accuracy with course grouping and Expeditor view. 

Multiple stations can work in tandem with their own dedicated screens, serving off and recalling orders via the touch screen as they go. 

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Modernise your kitchen with the right technology

Guarantee a frictionless ordering experience when you connect your kitchen display system and POS.

Hardware specifications

  • 21.5” full HD touch screen
  • Built-in speakers for audio notifications of new and updated orders
  • Heat-resistant and easy-to-clean hardware
  • WiFi and ethernet connectivity
  • Sturdy bubble stand & wall-mount ready

Software specifications

  • Audio alerts for new & updated orders
  • Multi-station and course view
  • Expeditor view for better order prep
  • View delivery platform & table numbers
  • Colour-coded timers

Transform your kitchen with the KDS that serves accuracy, speed and efficiency

Learn more about your purchasing options through a free consultation with our experts. 

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